Artist Statement

My art doesn't entail a specific subject or set of subjects in the traditional sense. I enjoy the process of creating the art itself. My subject of my works thus becomes the process in which I apply paint to canvas. I like to show the artists hand (brushstrokes, pencil lines, imperfections) in my body of work as I feel as this adds interest and complexity into my work. I tend to focus on portraiture, as well as animal and objects in regards to subjects, as i've always been fascinated with my own self identity and currently my struggle with mental illness (depression and anxiety). I am also interested in the mundane beauty of the world and like to paint ordinary things in interesting ways. My art entails varying subject matter with concentration on ways to convey emotion through colour, texture, and manipulation of paint. At the moment, i’m fairly experimental with my work, and wish to master expression through absence of line and paint handling on canvas. I work at small to medium scale, using traditional portraiture sizing for the majority of my work. I also experiment with mediums and materials in the range of art to drawing supplies including paint, pencil, pen, paper, and even clay materials. I’m drawn particularly to the impressionist styling with a strong emphasis on brushstroke and movement. My art is constantly shifting and evolving with me, and I want to create works which relect my current state of being, having my art change with me as I traverse through life. Art is a medium where I feel completely free and open to discover who I am as a person and as a professional artist.